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Earlier this month, Mohamed Rasheed was brutally attacked outside of a Queens mosque.

Both victims are expected to survive.

For some reason, 16 years old is the magic age where models are mature enough to work at Fashion Week.

A 15-year-old girl jumped into the river near the USS Intrepid and was immediately followed by a 53-year-old passerby who leapt in to rescue her.

After casino security guards ignored the teen, Division of Gaming Enforcement investigators finally noticed his "youthful appearance" and asked to see some ID.

Staten Island teen Kayla Madden, who barely survived a nasty car crash in August, has been busted for allegedly robbing her local Little League complex TWICE—once before and once after the accident.

Tragedy befalls the newly minted daytime TV host, when one of his teenage guests winds up in a coma after following instructions from the show's producers.

A female grizzly bear violently attacked a group of teenagers, including one from Rockland County, on a survival trip in Alaska.

A teenage girl was arrested for attempting to ditch out on a cross-state cab fare and stashing beer in her purse.