Ted cruz

"Congratulations on dealing with MS," Cruz said. "It's a terrible disease and congratulations on your struggles dealing with it."
Cruz urged Republicans to vote with their consciences, but sadly his was eaten by the hookworm that lives inside him.
When it became clear that Cruz wouldn't be endorsing, Trump stormed into the arena like a slighted wrestler, grimacing and waving from the family box in the arena.
Luckily we can relive some of our favorite Fish Monster moments.
"I never had this problem in all my years of voting, and I'm a consistent voter."
With the primary just a day away, the two are once again trading barbs over the "insult."
Even if your registration is screwy, you might still be able to cast a ballot.
Zodiac Ted's assault against Bill's probably not going to win him points with New Yorkers.
Ted doesn't like New York Values, and New York Values don't like Ted.
That stupid-head, poopy-pants Anderson Cooper will think twice before he calls anyone a 5-year-old again.
The presidential primary in New York is still on April 19th.
It appears Cruz is bummed those "New York Values" he loves so much no longer include overtly unconstitutional racial profiling of Muslims.
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