The fires are preventable and fairly rare, but they can be uniquely destructive.
Evolv uses an array of magnetic sensors to spot when a person is carrying metal, but critics worry about the potential for false positives.
Black and Queer producers and DJs at the heart of the city’s dance community have produced an event that’s “for us by us.”
The crash of the Department of Education's health screening website this week was a painful reminder of how the city's technology struggles to perform even basic functions.
Palantir has been criticized as a tool of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, used in workplace raids.
Landlords have sought to justify the use of surveillance technology for reasons ranging from security to illegal subletting.
Still, the cameras, which weren't previously disclosed, raise many ongoing privacy concerns.
Goodbye MetroCard, hello subcutaneous RFID chips!
One victim's AirDrop settings were open to "Everyone" for work purposes. But not anymore.
At least Monday's behind us?
It's strange to think that email as a form of non-professional communication could go the way of the handwritten letter.
"No more fumbling for change or scrambling to the meter to beat a ticket" like some atavistic l0ser.
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