A 53-year-old man recently assaulted a 17-year-old boy and then, for unclear reasons, decided to cap it off by Tebowing. Because thank the lord for pesky kids, y'know?
“I’m a Tebow fan all the way!” Alicia Green, who dropped to one knee and "Tebowed," told the Post. “Yeah, he’s hot, and isn’t he a virgin still? That’s hot!”
Jets head coach Rex Ryan got his first taste of the cultural backwash that comes with his polarizing new quarterback when two men Tebowed him at an LSU bar in Baton Rouge, La.
Is Jeremy Lin's elaborate, six-step handshake really a meme in the vein of planking or Tebowing?
A recent "scientifically-conducted" national poll of people who actually answer phone polls found that 43 percent believed that God had a direct hand in the success of ultra-religious young quarterback/meme generator/metaphor Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow has commented on the four Long Island students who were suspended for "Tebowing" in school hallways: "I think it does show courage from the kids, standing out and doing that, and some boldness.’’
Four Long Island teens have been given one-day suspensions from Riverhead High School for Tebowing in the hallways—at least Tebowing doesn't involved teens putting vodka up their eyeball or vagina.
Did the latest drinking fad start in Brooklyn? No, we're not talking about the tampon-vodka thing. We're talking about Teboozing. And the answer is maybe!
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