The Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps says they’re only getting a handful of COVID-related calls for help, even as hospitalizations increase across the state.
"We're seeing people age 19 that are being intubated," Iris Peppers, a nurse at Holy Name Hospital, said.
The Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps has been responding to a growing number of calls—and a growing number of deaths.
First, a postal worker in Hillsdale was trapped in his truck by a gang of local turkeys. Now, an entire township is under seige
Angela Logan baked hundreds of apple cakes to save her home from foreclosure in 2009.
An ex-Orthodox man from New Jersey decided to auction off his expected ticket through the pearly gates, but when bidding went up to $100,000, eBay pulled his post.
Collins denied to police that he pulled the weapon, though he did admit to confronting him "after hearing him pass gas in front of his apartment door."
Some people give their WiFi network ironic names to discourage neighbors from using it, like "Free Viruses" and "We_Can_Hear_You_Having_Sex." Over in Teaneck, N.J., they push the envelope a little bit.
(1010 WINS) After battling a fire at a Teaneck, NJ home
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