Teachers union

Michael Mulgrew says he's not ready to relax social distancing rules yet either.
"We need to talk to our members, talk about the potential for a big action," one teacher said.
The United Federation of Teachers has been operating without a contract since 2009.
NYC students may miss out on $450 million in funding.
Critics call his remarks inappropriate, given that teachers died while protecting students at Newtown.
The campaign, which will bump up advertising on NY1, ABC, NBC and other local channels, began yesterday, coinciding with the the film Won't Back Down's release.
Thanks to the unions it can be quite difficult to fire tenured teachers, even those accused of sexual misconduct.
The fight over teacher evaluations and poorly performing teachers continues.
Since NY State districts and the teachers union weren't able to agree on teacher evaluations, the schools stand to lose $100 million in federal funds.
The UFT has received a complaint about the rules from at least one teacher, and Hosang will meet a union rep to discuss their legality; he is likely to lose.
The city has ended a teacher bonus program that gave out $56 million over three years, because a study found teacher bonuses didn't really help student performance or teachers' attitudes.
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