A study from the state comptroller found almost 2,000 NYC teachers left during the pandemic.
A WNYC/Gothamist investigation discovered that the Department of Education got those devices for a bargain after the supplier lobbied the city.
As the city rolls out mental health supports, educators say students are acting out more than they used to.
City officials said 95% of NYC public school staff had gotten at least one COVID shot by Monday — 18,000 of them over the past 10 days.
Department of Education surveys say these classrooms rely exclusively on functioning windows—a lower standard than what would be expected to prevent airborne transmission of the coronavirus indoors.
New York City's Department of Education is reporting the majority of its classrooms’ ventilation systems are working as designed. But that leaves hundreds of classrooms and whole buildings still under repair.
The move may close the chapter on the city’s infamous Rubber Rooms.
"I just love my students so much, you know — I am happy to see them every day. But everything else has been exhausting,” one teacher said.
COVID-19 supplies are limited, and eligibility guidelines are creating gray areas.
Business was booming for teaching artists. Then Covid struck.
'As I got to be more experienced, I drew back and saw that students understood more when I would give them some space to work.'
"The test is really discriminatory, and it’s not fair. I don’t think the people who make the test understand that the content is discriminatory."
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