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Parents are also reporting their children are being removed from the city’s opt-in testing program after only a first dose of vaccine.

Jeanine Cammarata's estranged husband and girlfriend were charged with her death on Friday.

A 64-year-old employee of a Staten Island summer program was arrested Friday after allegedly placing his hands on the face of a 10-year-old epileptic boy at a Staten Island public school.

An ESL teacher has admitted to fleecing her foreign students for over $40,000 with false promises of green cards.

The 54-year-old teacher allegedly made moves on the girl during a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

He also allegedly sent the teen a video of himself masturbating, telling her, "You turn me on."

The NYPD says the student sustained a laceration to his lips and swelling to both sides of his face

He writes in the suit that he "was humiliated in front of his peers" and that school officials "discriminated against [him] due to his gender and race."