Taylor swift

Waller-Bridge killed the monologue, partied with Hitler, competed over the news, and generally had a great time on SNL.
Murphy, Harrelson, Waller-Bridge, Kristen Stewart, David Harbour, and Taylor Swift are just some of the people who will be coming to SNL in the fall.
Let's talk about the CATS trailer, since we likely won't stop hearing about it until this thing comes out in December anyway.
This followed the release of Swift's new single, 'You Need To Calm Down,' on the same day.
David will be joined by musical guest Miley Cyrus; Haddish will be joined by musical guest Taylor Swift; and Chance will be joined by musical guest Eminem.
Taylor Swift, fresh off her pretty boss sexual harassment suit win, posted a cryptic video to her social media accounts today.
With calls for Taylor Swift to make an endorsement in the 2016 election growing louder, it's important to look at her failure as the city's Global Welcome Ambassador.
'1989 Is Hell' is the cover album of Ryan Adams' songs that Taylor Swift should have released.
Did Kanye cross a line with his new video?
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