The museum almost closed after the Madoff scandal, but it remained open and the owner is planning big improvements.
In these hygge-seeking, DIY times, many people want to roll up their sleeves and stuff their own dead animals
Warning: if you couldn't handle dissecting a frog in middle school, do you not click through.
A taxidermied deer, apparently discarded by its owner, is settling into its new habitat in a metal trash can on 159th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.
"Yours has so much brain!" the woman next to me exclaimed. "It must have been pretty smart!"
We got a chance to speak with filmmaker Amy Finkel about her new film, Furever, which documents the relationship between humans and animals, and the odd ways people preserve their pets for an afterlife.
The AMNH's animal dioramas have been undergoing a restoration process... check it out in these photos and videos.
Want to know what a mouse would look like at a tea party? Kill one and stuff it!
Finally, a cruelty-free decapitated deer head.
In Manhattan they may pay through the nose to buy mummified animals from corporate chains, but in Brooklyn it's all about DIY mummification.
At first glance these new accessories line for men looked pretty
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