Taxi workers alliance

"The fact is, there is a myriad of precedents for this here in New York City, and it's simply inexcusable to say this is impossible," said Mark Levine, a City Council member.
New York City taxi drivers and their advocates are experiencing sticker shock over a significant fare hike set to take effect in much of the city.
New York City is now the only municipality in the country to cap the number of ride-sharing vehicles that operate on its streets.
For the sixth time since November, an economically struggling cab driver has taken his own life.
Another yellow cab driver facing 'economic devastation' has taken his own life, marking the fifth apparent suicide of a professional driver in as many months.
A longtime taxi driver has been missing for eleven days.
Unlike a union, an association of independent contractors does not have the right to collectively bargain.
Ahmed Sharif, flanked by Mayor Bloomberg and Bhairavi Desai Ahmed Sharif,
Flickr user Marc McGowan After a dangerous attack on taxi driver
Flickr user Idle Type New TLC chairman David Yassky has a
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