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Say goodbye to TaxiTv and hello to Taxi Tablet?

The Taxi and Limousine Commission is voting on a proposal today that would banish Taxi TVs from the city's green and yellow cabs, thanks to rampant unpopularity of the devices among both drivers and passengers.

No need to watch the Oscars, we've got your winners right here.

This beautiful and serene video is coming to Taxi TV, so you might want to think twice about turning it off.

The days of the Taxi TV, like the days of the buckle up celebrity announcements before it, may be numbered.

Starting next week VeriFone Taxi TVs will start suggesting percentage-based tip presets rather than set dollar amounts.

Four years after they started showing up in cabs, the initial volume on Taxi TV is going down.

The first thing you turn off upon entering a cab now wants you to ask you your thoughts on the New York City cab experience.

Audition to become the voice and face that welcomes riders into their cabs/the voice and face that riders turn off when they get into cabs.