Taxi scam

(via) In taxiland, everyone is apparently scamming everyone. While some hacks
(via) While we are talking about illegal taxi practices, the first
(via phil h's flickr) One of the cabbies charged with over-charging
Mark McGowan's flickr This year, more than 600 taxi drivers were
Yesterday, police arrested over 50 of the taxi drivers who are
Flickr user Idle Type New TLC chairman David Yassky has a
via heath brandon on Flickr As data rolls in, the Taxi
The Taxi and Limousine Commission has been feeling the heat these
Photograph by klingon65 on Flickr After it was revealed that the
After discovering that many taxi drivers scammed riders out of millions
In the wake of the Great Taxi Scandal, more reports are
Photograph by DRA+PHOTOGRAPHY on Flickr Last week, the Taxi and Limousine
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