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This was not a glass ceiling anyone wanted shattered.

De Blasio says he's committed to making 50 percent of the city's cab fleet wheelchair accessible by 2020.

The Bloomberg administration's controversial plan to require all cab drivers to operate the same non-hybrid, non-handicap accessible Nissan minivan was dealt a heavy blow yesterday.

Production of the Nissan NV200—better known as the Taxi of Tomorrow—has begun in Mexico in earnest

Bloomberg seems to be looking forward to his time out of office.

Another day, another attempt to knock the so-called "Taxi of Tomorrow" off the road before it is too late.

With "tomorrow" almost here, a City Council member yesterday made a bold move to try and put the brakes on the city's controversial "Taxi of Tomorrow" before it is too late (for the handicapped).

"We should not go ahead with a so-called Taxi of Tomorrow that perpetuates a shamefully separate and unequal cab fleet for another decade," Liu said.

Today, the TLC signed regulations securing the Nissan NV200 as the official "Taxi of Tomorrow."

And another public figure comes out calling for the TLC and Mayor Bloomberg to rethink their choice in Taxi of Tomorrow in favor of a more handicap accessible option.