Taxi and limousine commission

David Do currently leads Washington D.C.'s for-hire vehicle department.
The taxi industry has been weathering upheavals, including the entrance of for-hire vehicle apps, plummeting medallion values and the pandemic.
The raise comes to reflect the 5.3% rise in the Consumer Price Index.
The taxi drivers' union hailed the news.
The blue moped share company will start with 50 Tesla taxis that can operate in Manhattan below 42nd street.
The TLC has scheduled a hearing for primary day on plans to close a loophole that would have allowed the Revel Tesla Taxis.
Daily trips for yellow taxis dropped by a factor of ten — from 200,000 trips in February to 18,325 trips in June, according to a new report.
State Attorney General Letitia James alleges the city's Taxi Limousine Commission jacked up prices of medallions in "a scheme that defrauded medallion owners."
During a confirmation hearing last week, Roth suffered under an intense grilling from City Council members.
Anthony Medina is accused of impersonating a New York City marshal to intimidate and steal taxi cabs and medallions from taxi owners facing debt payments.
The Council's hearing was the first in response to a NY Times investigation showing how city officials did little to stop a financial bubble in the market for medallions that ruined the lives of many taxi drivers.
On Wednesday, NYC-based Uber customers received an email with the subject line "The government wants to know where you're headed ... on every ride."
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