David Do currently leads Washington D.C.'s for-hire vehicle department.
The taxi industry has been weathering upheavals, including the entrance of for-hire vehicle apps, plummeting medallion values and the pandemic.
The taxi drivers' union hailed the news.
The value of a yellow taxi medallion has plummeted from more than $1.2 million at its peak in 2014 to about $100,000 today.
The blue moped share company will start with 50 Tesla taxis that can operate in Manhattan below 42nd street.
Users said a service that was expected to help Access-A-Ride customers hail rides on-demand through an app now seems less reliable.
Daily trips for yellow taxis dropped by a factor of ten — from 200,000 trips in February to 18,325 trips in June, according to a new report.
'We won’t wait to do the right thing.'
The Council's hearing was the first in response to a NY Times investigation showing how city officials did little to stop a financial bubble in the market for medallions that ruined the lives of many taxi drivers.
Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered a review of predatory practices in the New York City taxi business, following a scathing report on the industry's predatory practice and regulatory failure.
The congestion pricing fees are expected to generate $400 million a year for the MTA.
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