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The South Brooklyn district will be without representation in the City Council for over six months.

Spa Castle was ordered to reimburse the state millions of dollars Thursday after pleading guilty to felony tax fraud.

X is accused of refusing to pay millions in taxes owed to the federal government over a number of years.

The IRS continued the practice, mostly targeting small business owners, after a 2014 directive was supposed to severely restrict it.

Two of its three NYC locations were closed today.

Stevens agreed to pay $1 million to couples who have filed complaints with the attorney general. The only itsy bitsy problem? Stevens has no money. And if he does, it'll go toward his unpaid taxes.

Stevens pled guilty to grand larceny 2 and four counts of criminal tax fraud in the second degree today; he is facing 3 1/3 to 10 years imprisonment as a result.

Nancy Nienberg and Jennifer Liseo filed a lawsuit accusing Stevens of fraud, the first such lawsuit by one of the hundreds of couples who had their wedding deposits taken by Stevens.