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The complicated 218-page bill appears to benefit political insiders.

With billions of dollars at stake every year, you might expect that someone has been checking to see whether the public actually benefits from all these corporate tax breaks.

Spend a day touring the city's most notable property tax deadbeats!

Yes, Jeff Bezos will get billions of dollars in special dispensation, insisted Cuomo, but because that'll only be an estimated 10 percent of his company's total New York tax bill, taxpayers will still come out ahead.

The taxpayer price tag for Hudson Yards now comes to a staggering $5.6 billion, with hundreds of millions of dollars still to flow from city coffers.

Is Hudson Yards a massive tax sinkhole, or cornucopian windfall?

"It's a transfer of wealth to the corporations — that's the only objectively true thing you can say about it."

One rent-stabilized tenant says her rent was increased from $762 a month to $1,883 a month even though no comparable renovation work was done.