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Is New York City over? Or is it just another ultra-wealthy interest group that couldn't make it in the big city?

A coalition of lawmakers are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to pass a billionaires' tax.

The City Council has voted to adopt a five-cent fee on all paper bags given to consumers at supermarkets and other stores.

President Trump's proposed tax policy is expected to raise taxes on over one million New Yorkers, the majority of whom are low- and middle-income households, while providing a windfall for wealthy Americans and corporations.

The restaurant was closed yesterday and will remain closed until the dispute with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has been resolved.

The city gives out about $650 million in religious exemptions.

Stores in New York and New Jersey erroneously charged customers for sales tax on tax exempt items.

Guess those $700 mesh tanks can't quite sate the Tax Man!

The penalty for possession of unstamped cigarettes is $600 per carton, the equivalent of about 41 packs of Marlboro 27s.

If you've ever wanted to know how much land in each borough is city owned, or how tall the skyline of Manhattan really is, check out these digital maps.