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A Pizza Rat can only live so long on the Internet, but a rat can eat pizza on your leg for a lifetime.

In May, I found myself on the Bowery getting a tattoo designed by Ed Hardy. He was to the right of me, and his son Doug to my left. How did I get here?

Tattoo artists may "simply decide to take their business out of New York" if the bill goes into effect as planned.

The new bill requires single-use ink and needles.

Yesterday's Banksy will live forever on this guy's arm.

No doubt inspired by the incredibly productivity of Billy the Human Billboard, Brooklyn-based Rapid Realty NYC is giving employers who get inked a 15 percent pay raise

Ryan's tattoo was a surprise for Jets players: "I don’t think guys care at all," defensive lineman Mike DeVito said. "Guys have all kinds of tattoos."

Is that a tattoo of Rex Ryan's wife...wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey? This is it: the Keyser Söze moment for the Jets 2012 season, and perhaps Ryan's tenure thus far as head coach.