Tappan zee bridge

One resident spotted debris washed up on the banks of the Hudson.
You can enjoy a buffet with a side of destruction.
The latest polling shows Cuomo leading Nixon by 63 percent to 22 percent among likely primary voters.
A self-shot video of three teenagers successfully sneaking onto the new Tappan Zee Bridge ultimately lead to their own arrest and misdemeanor trespassing charges.
Governor Cuomo summoned lawmakers back to Albany for a special session this week after they failed to extend mayoral control during the regular session.
Four people sustained minor injuries related to the collapse.
It brought traffic on the bridge to a complete standstill.
One is confirmed dead and two others are still missing in the Hudson River crash.
Rescue divers couldn't enter the water this morning because the current was too rough.
The 400-foot-long monster, called the Left Coast Lifter, will be used to replace the bridge, will arrive between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.
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