Tanning is not good for you, and that is why the state’s attorney general is suing one salon for advertising that
Mayor Bloomberg has turned his eye toward stricter regulations on tanning salons in what may turn out to be his final health initiative as mayor.
"Why would you take the time to break in and wipe the computers clean when you can just steal them?"
The ban will go into effect in 30 days, and teenagers between the ages of 17 and 18 will need a parental consent form to use a tanning bed.
Apparently it's against the law for a tanning salon to let a customer use a tanning bed more than once a week!
Ham sandwich time!
Patricia Krentcil thinks Kristen Wiig was "hysterical."
She's been busy—busy buying tanning cream and saying that Snooki is "fake" and "fat," that is. Oh, and flashing photographers.
The owner of the tanning salon where Krentcil is accused of taking her daughter also denies that his business allowed the child to tan. He also said Krentcil's dark complexion is NOT from tanning.
When a school nurse found little Anna with a sunburn, the child said, "I go tanning with Mommy."
State law prevents certain foods from being taxed, but the Post reports that the tax code itself is so confusing that many businesses don't know when it applies.
Grimm has sponsored a bill to repeal the "tanning tax" that currently imposes a 10% levy on indoor tanning salons that is projected to raise $2.5 billion in two years.
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