Tale of two cities

The trend marks a reversal of four decades of growing or flat income inequality in the city.
The Manhattan Democrat served up a damning assessment of the current administration, particularly in terms of his management of the NYPD.
“We saw someone who shared our values and we showed up to do the work. And we are not happy right now. This is not what we signed up for."
A scatterplot analysis of COVID deaths by zip code.
'I think that [the de Blasio administration] bit off more than they could chew.'
We spoke with the muckraker about Mayor de Blasio's first term, and whether he is doing enough to fulfill his initial campaign promise to end the tale of two cities.
Two city councilmembers are drafting a bill that would prevent developers from making gyms and other amenities for market-rate tenants only.
The maps show which parts of NYC have small percentages of white and black residents.
Cuomo has made it clear he'd rather fund pre-K through the state budget than let de Blasio tax the wealthy.
'The answer to the tale of two cities is not to create two states,' the governor said. 'The answer to inequity and inequality is not to create more inequity and inequality.'
75% of Bed-Stuy residents say that the housing situation is intolerable, nearly 60% say jobs that pay a living wage are scarce, and 53% say the job market is only getting worse.
Cash-strapped and plagued with troubles, the city housing authority (NYCHA) has come up with an interesting plan to raise cash.
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