Henry Chalfant would rush to the elevated stations in the Bronx to document tagged cars before they could be buffed clean, and now those photos are on display.
Unsurprisingly, a number of cops seem not so thrilled at the prospect of having to spend time hunting down graffiti.
"Put in wolves because there's no reported case of a wolf in the wild state ever attacking a human being in North America."
Last year Mayor Bloomberg promised that QR codes on all construction site signs was "just the beginning" and he meant it.
People keep tagging the Mad Men posters in the subway...and somebody else keeps washing them away.
Weinberg claims he gave up tagging in 1995 when he joined the force—but investigators say the "Neo" tag has started popping up again, and think his idle hands are to blame.
In the early 1970s, the NYC subway system was covered in graffiti. Here's a visual look back...
via Bombing Science A Chicago street artist who became known for
Last night Magda Sayeg gathered up the knitting troops to bring these
Photo by Jen Carlson. Over the past few years graffiti has
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