Bratton is psyched.
In de Blasio's New York, the NYPD is still cracking down on taggers.
It's been quite awhile since we've seen some serious subway tagging, but it seems we've found our first colorful casualty of 2013.
Photos by Bob Arihood via EV Grieve How many cops does
Some new vandalism popped up in Park Slope over the weekend,
What happened to the rent-a-cops guarding Shepard Fairey's Houston Street mural? We're
It's been six months since an artist installed a plywood sculpture
Photos by Tats Cru Graffiti: It's not just for young degenerate
By now you're achingly familiar with "Richard Chicken," the anonymous graffiti artist
Old graffiti in Brooklyn Heights, via surgery's flickr Two graffiti taggers
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