Taco bell

Five will open in the next year alone, four of which will serve alcohol. This could be anywhere.
For some reason it's called the "Naked Chicken Chalupa."
Police have arrested one of the five suspects but are still looking for the others.
For the true Taco Tuesday observer, it's all about crunchy tacos.
Will this improve the lackluster Waffle Taco? Probably from the hen's perspective.
Having beaten Doritos to death, the brand moves on to another snack food.
Your move, Chipotle.
Open wide for trehalose, sodium phosphates and "torula yeast."
We sacrificed our bodies for the good of the taco-loving public.
Somehow we always knew it would come to this.
Looks like desperate commuters weren't the only creatures filling up on Crunchwrap Supremes before boarding Amtrak.
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