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New York City's tabloid tradition of 24/7 local news coverage is one breath from death. Two weeks ago, the Daily News eliminated its overnight shift for news photographers, known as the "lobster trick."

The front page of the New York Post today is all about a pastry chef whose show, "Dessert First," was canceled because her recipes were allegedly not so fresh.

Scotland Yard was a "revolving door" for News Corp employees, who in some cases paid police officers for confidential information.

Ashley Dupre, aka Kristen, Governor Spitzer's pricey escort, is weighing in

Yes Men co-founder Andy Bichlbaum was arrested this morning while demonstrating one

Photograph of Weiner (with Marty Markowitz) welcoming the Brooklyn Aces last

After over three decades at The Post and a 55-year-long career, right-wing

The Post is doubling its weekday price to 50 cents. Why? It's