Rapper and poet Omar Offendum tells the story of NYC's Little Syria neighborhood, which flourished between 1880 and 1940, in a three-performance run at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
The director of a new feature-length documentary on the White Helmets discusses the harsh conditions of his filming and the necessity of shocking images.
A tax march, a Seder and writing postcards in a dive bar are just some of the ways you can get involved in politics this week.
The protesters were in Union Square.
"We're calling for the end of genocide, which isn't much to ask."
Protesters denounced Syrian president Assad, Vladimir Putin, ISIS, and American complacency throughout the bombardment of Aleppo.
Activists and organizers are encouraging New Yorkers to show their support for Aleppo's trapped and targeted civilians at a demonstration in Manhattan Tuesday night.
A 24-year-old college student allegedly left the country last year to fight, and ultimately die, for ISIS.
"As reasonable adults, we accept tiny amounts of risk baked into our everyday lives."
They've been waiting to come to the States for three years.
Britain's home secretary says that it's related to development in Syria and Iraq.
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