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Win airfare, four nights of accommodations, two festival badges, VIP passes and tons more.

The film took home a big award at SXSW. It's extremely hard to understand why.

Grumpy Cat is currently the star of SXSW. But how humane is it to bring your pet out on a publicity tour, allowing hundreds of fans to handle it?

We spoke with Todd P about why Mexico needs a popular, affordable, culturally significant music festival, his involvement with 285 Kent, and what it means to run a DIY venue in 2013.

A film about teenager graffiti writers from the Bronx has taken home a big prize from SXSW's film festival this year.

It's a blend of marketing cloaked in philanthropy with an infuriating element of "new media": how better than to use technology to exploit our fellow man?

With the many things going on at SXSW these days of course there was room for competitive eating. And of course fallen hot dog idol Takeru Kobayshi was there to make your stomach seem inadequate.

The Taco Bell Dorito shell, also known as Tacos Loco, debuted at midnight last night—here are some of the responses.

Recently relocated Jack "Skippy" McFadden has been settling into Austin after a move from his longtime home of Brooklyn, and has some tips for the rest of us headed his way for SXSW.