The House Our Families Built will visit three other NYC locations this month.
The work in Swoon's newest exhibition is ethereal as ever, but packs a newfound focus on growth over decay.
Swoon gave it to her!
The art was commissioned for a beverage company's water PSA.
Tomorrow is your last chance to see it in person, so don't delay!
A behind-the-scenes look at Swoon's upcoming Brooklyn Museum exhibit.
Swoon tells us about the mural, and discusses Banksy's work around town over the past month.
Swoon is currently working on her Bowery mural piece.
Why can't that giant Mr. Darcy statue be in the East River?
These videos of John Gallagher Jr. and his guitar will give you a Maggie-sized crush on The Newsroom actor.
Want to take your very own firefighter home? Here's how.
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