Police are investigating several swastikas that were scrawled on fixtures and walls inside a locker room at Asphalt Green, an aquatics and fitness facility on the Upper East Side.
"Swastikas in" an L train actually meant Antifa stickers, according to the NYPD.
The incidents rarely lead to arrests, and they baffle many public officials who have yet to figure out how to stop the scourge.
A progressive political event was abruptly cancelled on Thursday night, after anti-Semitic messages were found in the Brooklyn historic synagogue hosting the discussion.
According to a witness who shared photos with Gothamist, the hate symbols were spray-painted onto a concrete outpost in the Hudson River near 72nd Street.
During a briefing on Wednesday morning, Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said police have received several similar reports in recent weeks.
The swastikas were located near a "Black Lives Matter" sign posted outside the church.
A tipster said, "all originally looked like the swastika on the seat, but a good spirited rider asked fellow passengers if they has pens, markers, etc. and then transformed them into flowers/stars."
The park named for the late Beastie Boy is the latest to be tagged with swastikas.
Police have released surveillance video of two suspects who spray-painted a series of swastikas onto multiple building around the heavily Orthodox Jewish area of Borough Park in Brooklyn yesterday.
After news of a Greenpoint jewelry store selling swastika earrings made news yesterday, area politicians wasted no time heaping on the outrage. But are they too quick to judge?
They may not be swastikas proper, but try telling that to the (rightfully) angry mob staring at your date's earrings. Does Bejeweled have an exclusive contract with John Galliano?
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