This happened at the 96th Street 2/3 station.
This is the 10th in a string of racist, anti-Semitic, and otherwise bigoted incidents that have occurred on campus since November 7th.
Police are searching for three suspects who allegedly spray-painted a swastika on the door of a Manhattan synagogue early Wednesday morning.
"These people are becoming emboldened in a way that is terrifying," one subway rider said.
Police are searching for a man who was caught on video carving dozens of swastikas into freshly paved sidewalk in Midwood, Brooklyn, a historically Jewish neighborhood.
A subway rider said that hand sanitizer would help remove the swastikas and others took out their Purell.
A one man swastika-drawing spree that began in mid-October came to an end, with the arrest of the perpetrator who allegedly drew over 100 of the symbols.
Swastikas were found in Hell's Kitchen, near Newtown Creek and in the home of a football player for the Giants this week.
A tipster said, "all originally looked like the swastika on the seat, but a good spirited rider asked fellow passengers if they has pens, markers, etc. and then transformed them into flowers/stars."
"Spray painting swastikas on children's playgrounds is a messed up thing to do," Ad-Rock told the assembled crowd.
Flowers and hearts were left at the playground equipment.
The swastika is the latest sighting of the hate symbol in New York City.
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