Suspicious package

Police confirmed that an "unattended bag" was reported around 2 p.m. on Monday at 81st Street and Fifth Avenue, just outside the entrance to the museum.
Your Friday morning commute may be impacted by these rice cookers.
The NYPD is investigating a suspicious package in Manhattan, in the vicinity of West 52nd Street and 8th Avenue.
"It was red, orange in the middle. It was a circle of fire. The whole block shook. The fire was up in the air."
The NYPD Bomb Squad reportedly responded to West 70th and Broadway on Monday night.
The terminal was closed for about an hour before the package was deemed safe.
The RFK Bridge—better know as the Triborough—closed briefly this morning following the discovery of an apparent "suspicious package."
The area is now clear, so you can all go about your day, Internet.
"Next to the bag is a substance that looks like marijuana," says one source.
The object was "beeping ominously."
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