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The name, pronounced Sush-One, emphasizes its somewhat stunning value proposition: all pieces of nigiri, rolls, or sashimi here are just $1 each.

The intimate Sushi by Bae is now open near Union Square, with Tempest serving three 15-piece omakases a night.

The CDC and FDA warn that ground, raw Jensen Tuna has been recalled over Salmonella contamination.

The owner of the high-end restaurant is MIA, and the last paychecks to the staff bounced.

Parent company Tokyo Ichiban Foods owns several aqua-farms in Hirado City, Nagasaki, where they raise Bluefin Tuna and King Yellowtail.

Though the space is double the size of the original, the meal still consists of 12 pieces of sushi for $58, gratuity included.

We spoke with Tempest about the oddness of being "one of the few," the continued rise of sushi in NYC, and why feeling the fish is so important as both a chef and a diner.

Think of MakiMaki as somewhere between a typical sit-down sushi restaurant and the grab-and-go deli case at your local lunch spot

The restaurant zips plates of sashimi, salad and sushi between booths and a bar setup; customers grab their desired dishes when it passes by their seat.