Susan sarandon

Susan Sarandon isn't voting with her vagina.
If you're going to the U.S. Open, here are some tips to give you an edge over the crowd competition.
Damnit Janet, you can't call the pope a Nazi. Even if he was in the Hitler Youth.
Occupy Wall Street is streaming footage of Oscar-winning actress and activist Susan Sarandon at the camp site. Sarandon said, "It never changes from the top, it only changes from the bottom, and this is great."
We check out the grand opening of the new outdoor roller rink under the High Line, which has already claimed its first victim.
In one of the more bizarre, if endearing, fundraisers we've heard
Not only does Susan Sarandon have an Oscar, she knows how
This week Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon took on a new role,
Jonathan Bricklin The co-owner of a big newish ping pong club
To kick off the weekend, Richard Simmons visited the team of
W Magazine has a feature on the famous spawn of celebrity, currently
Barry Manilow, who is out promoting his Greatest Songs of the Seventies,
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