Surveillance video

Video shows someone who resembles him letting off a shot in a crowded room.
There is no crosswalk at the intersection near where the driver hit a pedestrian, killing him.
The surveillance video of the early morning incident is more tense than 'Black Swan.'
"It's mind-boggling that the DA did not present the evidence to a grand jury."
Video shows the fire extinguisher shattering the windshield of an SUV.
The girl was at a Dunkin Donuts on East 1st Street when a man allegedly groped her.
Apparently a cop recognized the suspect from a previous arrest.
The NYPD has released surveillance images of a man they say attempted to rape a woman in the lobby of her building on First Avenue around 3 a.m. Sunday morning.
Police are questioning a man who was the target of a citywide manhunt in connection with a series of attempted rapes and one alleged rape in Sunset Park and Park Slope.
Yesterday morning around 5:40 a.m., police say an 85-year-old walking on
Police have arrested a man in Albany suspected of a fatal
Yesterday, a video of a woman being attacked on a Park
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