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The neighbors thought they'd been robbed by the Staten Island Ninja.

"I brainstormed all day Tuesday to come up with an idea, until it occurred to me to use the NYPD to help me out."

Fallon let the appearance "slip online last night a few hours before the show aired" by Tweeting the "surprise" drop-in. "Ooops! Thought I was sending a DM!"

In order to keep its well-respected undergraduate education free, Cooper Union has gone and done something drastic.

We guess he got the hunger back: pitcher Andy Pettitte ended his retirement today, signing a one-year minor league contract with the Yankees that will pay him $2.5 million.

Wait, you mean you can stop frantically glancing over your 15-year-old's shoulder every five seconds?

JT surprised the crowd at Southern Hospitality, playing an impromptu set with the band FreeSol while buds Kim Kardashian and Amanda Seyfreid looked on.

[UPDATE BELOW] We're having a rare moment where we're actually going to

Jodi Applegate and Ron Corning, co-hosts of Fox's Good Day New York,