Suri cruise

The 7-year old was verbally attacked by the paparazzi near Central Park.
Over a dozen photographers were chasing Cruise.
"When a penguin swam up, Suri screamed playfully, and she and Katie laughed."
Katie Holmes' neighbors at the Chelsea Mercantile aren't exactly thrilled about their new famous resident.
Their pre-nup allegedly would have given Holmes half of Cruise's fortune after 11 years of marriage.
Yesterday Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise, and the Beckham clan
With considerably less fanfare than Diddy or Lance Armstrong, Katie Holmes
It's so embarrassing, but when we saw how adorable little Suri
You have just a couple more days to decide whether you'll
Remember the loony Saturday Night Live commercial parody about male infantile
Last night, Katie Couric made her CBS Evening News debut. Overall, the
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