When the surf is up, exhaustion is satisfaction.
'I just swam for my life right there, just dreading the moment the shark was gonna pull me in and suck me in.'
Photos of surfers hitting the big waves that Gert brought this week.
Now won't somebody give him a ride to his car?!
Photographer Andreea Waters spent four days shooting surfers at Rockaway and Long Beach.
No one was arrested, but someone said $250 tickets were being handed out.
Andreea Waters reports back from Rockaway with some gorgeous photos of surfers taking on some bigger waves.
Five minutes on the beach and the skies went black, thunder and lighting started and the winds were howling.
Professional surf photographer Andeea Waters headed out to Rockaway with some surfers during the storm.
While the rest of us were inside spooning our space heaters, the gnarliest bros in the land took the opportunity to ride the rollicking blizzard waves.
Dangerous—or just right for surfing?!
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