Supreme court

Hundreds upon hundreds of abortion rights supporters marched from Brooklyn to Manhattan in one of several mass demonstrations around the country.
One of the bills would prevent the governor of New York from recognizing any demand from another state to extradite an abortion provider.
Abortion rights activists marched in the rain on Saturday in the wake of the Supreme Court memo leak.
New York political and community leaders were already mobilizing late Monday and early Tuesday.
Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted Monday evening that New York would welcome those patients “with open arms.”
The opinion, obtained by Politico and published Monday night, says the court is poised to strike down the decision protecting abortion rights in the United States.
New Jersey planned to withdraw from the Waterfront Commission on Monday
The group of four public school teachers and staff initially petitioned Justice Sonia Sotomayor in September to take up the question, but were denied.
Justice Samuel Alito wondered why regular New Yorkers returning home from work couldn't carry guns.
"I am very disappointed in the Supreme Court's appalling and insensitive ruling that eliminates a key line of defense for tenants facing housing insecurity during the ongoing pandemic," Governor Hochul said.
Mayor de Blasio can unilaterally issue some mandates, but Gov. Hochul could need legislative assistance for her plans. A law school president explains the reasons.
“By applying for rent relief, you will have an eviction moratorium. Your case cannot move forward while the state is processing that application.”
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