Supper club

It took two friends many years to recreate a favorite Midwestern haunt of theirs in Brooklyn.
When a legendary supper club in Wisconsin closed, friends bought up most of it at an auction and moved it to NYC.
From fussy chef dinners to casual seafood supper clubs, there's something for many a fish lover.
NYC is getting its first fine dining marijuana supper club.
Liza Queen is back and ready for a little under-the-radar dinner party action in Williamsburg.
Four years after it closed its last location the infamous Copacabana nightclub is set to reopen in the old China Club in July.
A good December night: four friends hosting twenty-five dinner guests in
October 22-28: Lance Armstrong Week at Hill Country All this week, barbeque
Ashlee Simpson is probably best known for either a) being Jessica Simpson's
We were all set to write about the 2002 Caymus Cabernet
Tomorrow night, at the Supper Club, the "Original Kims of Comedy" will
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