Lidl, a German grocery company which recently acquired Best Market, is coming under fire for its response to COVID-19.
The Rochester-based grocery chain has a reputation for quality food and jobs with good benefits, and Vinegar Hill NYCHA residents say they're in desperate need of both.
Supermarkets across New York are pulling the ole bait-and-switch on unsuspecting fish fans...
The 22-year-old chainlet owes $5 million in debt and recently closed six stores.
A tiny but determined group of Bayside residents have been traveling to Flushing on weekends to picked outside the H-Mart supermarkets there, because they say the store's hiring only Asian or Hispanic workers.
Quick, what New York City supermarket's neighbors have the highest median income in the city? If you guessed Whole Paycheck, you might want to guess again!
Billionaire Gristedes owner and relative to Nixon by marriage John Catsimatidis may have to close the supermarket chain if the company can't afford to pay a $3.5 million settlement to 300 employees for back wages.
The Department of Consumer Affairs is now asking shoppers to tweet the city when they feel they've been ripped off by a shady supermarket.
NetCost Market, which has stores in Brooklyn and Staten Island, installed "small, black wall-mounted" machines into its Sheepshead Bay store that pump out odors of "Smoky Bacon," "Rosemary Focaccia," and "Lindt Chocolate."
Scan It! on a Virgin iPhone (Modiv). For years now supermarkets
This supermarket earned $11,460 in fines last year (via Google Maps).
glark's flickr This week, the Department of Consumer Affairs announced the
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