The first Superman began filming in New York just days before the infamous blackout.
Even in a Superman t-shirt, even with his face plastered on billboard all over, no one knows what Henry Cavill looks like.
Those familiar with Kelley's intricate work will immediately recognize his obsession with minutiae and intense hues straight away.
Oh get a job, Superman! We know print media's in a tough spot right now but if you send your resume to BuzzFeed Ben he may bite.
Have you ever sat and stared at the stars and wondered what Superman sees when he flies over the Earth?
Which Superman do you prefer: 1978, 2006, and the upcoming Man Of Steel?
You'll recall that in the summer of 2009, Gotham's citizens were
Between the steampunk Iron Mans and accordion-playing Boba Fetts at New
In retrospect, Jane's Addiction's early-'90s power ballad "Whores" ("I love them
Looks like they're going to need a cell with Kryptonite bars.
Inevitably, video has surfaced of last week's altercation between the NYPD
At far left and far right, Superman and Batman spotted earlier
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