Superfund site

State officials and members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation hope a new environmental lawsuit will provide compensation for natural resources destroyed by a Ford Motor Co. dumping site.
Toxic remnants of state’s industrial heyday dot a landscape at risk from warming world.
The site may also be eligible for federal funds, including a recent influx of $3.5 billion to the Superfund Remedial Program from the bipartisan infrastructure law, which President Biden ratified in November 2021.
Here you can contemplate a curated collection of native plant species and simultaneously reflect on the ramifications of centuries of industrial pollution.
The EPA said the “mishap” is being investigated.
The Gowanus Canal famously emits a smorgasbord of potent, noxious stench, but did you know its gelatinous waters also conceal amazing artifacts from our nation's and New York City's past?
"How could the City allow a giant party to take place inside a toxic waste site and across the street from a senior center?"
More poison for the poison cauldron!
Weirdos will assemble into teams on Saturday for the annual Gowanus Challenge, in which participants not only sail through the sludge, but race in the watercraft of their choice.
New York City is one step closer to earning its third Superfund site—a radioactive body shop shining bright like a cancer-causing diamond in Ridgewood, Queens.
Superfund sites aren't just for canals filled with used toilet water! They're also radioactive autobody shops and, more chillingly, delis in Ridgewood, Queens!
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