The pollutants, primarily chlorinated solvents and petrochemicals derived from carbon, were first discovered in 2005 by Exxon Mobil and the New York State Department of Transportation as part of a separate cleanup in Greenpoint.
The EPA said the “mishap” is being investigated.
After more than a century of toxic pollution, Brooklyn’s infamous Gowanus Canal is finally being cleaned up.
Newtown Creek is not ruined beyond repair. A recent boat tour revealed that despite its long legacy of industrial abuse, resilient signs of life continue to emerge.
"He swam around a little, like on his back, then dog-paddle style."
At the rate the cleanup is progressing, it might not be the worst strategy.
Elected officials are pushing for the Environmental Protection Agency to step in and designate the Gravesend Bay Transfer Station a Superfund site.
Same goes for Quooklyn. And yet.
The explanation for the bright green plumes in Newtown Creek is fascinating (and gross).
"I have four projects next to the Superfund site in Gowanus, and it's not a problem," one real estate developer declares.
A smelly "brown goo" is coming for local residents and businesses in Gowanus, oozing up through the sinks and toilets to smother them in their sleep.
The building the feds are considering is near a Superfund site.
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