Sunset park

Both endured terrible trauma. But the time and support they got to heal was different.
Evolv uses an array of magnetic sensors to spot when a person is carrying metal, but critics worry about the potential for false positives.
Dr. Alison Holman fields audience questions on how to discuss traumatic events with children in the wake of the Sunset Park shooting.
One principal said her team made a spreadsheet to keep track of kids who were impacted in some way – whether they witnessed it, passed through the station, or lived nearby – in order to connect them to additional support.
The city is waking up Wednesday to the frenzied aftermath of Tuesday’s subway shooting in Sunset Park that left dozens injured and sent police on the hunt for a suspect.
The MTA, already contending with fewer riders and more incidents of crime than before the pandemic, will be tested more than ever.
There is no D, N or R service in parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan, and there are major delays on the D, F‌,  M, N, Q and R‌ lines.
The subway system has been the target of other violent attacks, most notably bombing attempts.
The fire was reported on the second floor.
A housing development planned for Sunset Park features secure bike parking for residents and free slots for delivery workers.
Police have arrested a suspect in the quadruple stabbing that left one bystander dead and three others wounded in an apparent robbery attempt outside a gambling den in Sunset Park on Friday night.
New York is expanding its offshore wind programs off the coast of Long Island, and bringing wind hubs to Sunset Park and Albany.
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