It only gets darker from here, friends.
Manhattanhenge Season is upon us.
The park will stay open until 10 p.m. so New Yorkers can watch the sunset from The Hills.
A masterpiece, the stuff of legend.
Get your Instagrams ready.
On the third longest day of the year!
Please take a moment to reflect on last night's profound sunset.
Yesterday, we took a break from staring dumfounded at dead rats to stare dumbfounded at nature's beauty unleashed and stretched across a skyline of water towers. Click through to indulge in some sweet sunset porn.
It was really, really pretty.
A gorgeous sunset preceded tonight's July 4th Fireworks—maybe it's a small consolation for the fact that they are over the Hudson River again?
After all that fuss, Earl didn't really do much of anything in
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