Here's the trailer for "Crown Heights," the prison drama about the life of a wrongfully convicted Brooklyn man.
The Angulo clan became the subject of The Wolfpack, which last week took home the Grand Jury prize for best U.S. documentary at Sundance.
Or: Courtney Love drops the N-bomb at Sundance.
Sundance may be bringing a film festival to Brooklyn. Or may not. WHO KNOWS ANYMORE.
Lee is also upset that Universal is dragging its feet on a sequel to Inside Man.
Sources say Morgan seemed inebriated at the event, but his rep denied the claims.
Picture Kevin Bacon in a black suit, white v-neck tee underneath, walking
Next week some of the best films from this year's Sundance Festival
The construction worker who killed Adrienne Shelly in her West Village office
Director of the legendary hip-hop documentary Style Wars, Tony Silver, died last
Actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his downtown Manhattan apartment
At just 24, Noah Baumbach made his mark on the indie film
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