On Thursday morning, NYC got a front-row view of a stunning "ring of fire" solar eclipse. Missed it? Here are some photos.
It won't happen again (for U.S. viewers) for 30 years.
Also, don't look directly at the sun.
Today there is sun, but starting tomorrow night, there will be nothing but sadness and rain.
But Utopian weather never lasts long here in New York.
Humidity levels will slowly drop through the day so it should feel fairly comfortable outside despite the above average temperatures.
Rain could last well into Saturday but the skies should temporarily clear on Sunday.
Cooler, drier conditions should prevail on Thursday, but it looks like we will get another frontal passage, and another round of rain, sometime on Friday.
Soon the wind will start coming out of the south, increasing our humidity during the next couple of days until we're in a tropical bath on the weekend.
And tomorrow night. And then THAT'S IT... until next year.
We've got two distinct weather regimes to contend with this week.
It's 60 degrees, and it's okay to be emotional about that.
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