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He allegedly screamed profanities at the traffic agent, then found her 25 minutes later and threw the liquid at her.

The proposed settlement covers 900,000 criminal summonses issued between 2007 and 2015.

The NYPD has changed its story about a Midwood traffic collision that left a pedestrian with four broken ribs and a broken leg.

NYPD lawyers are prosecuting low-level summonses to try to head off false arrest lawsuits.

A Russian tourist was given a summons after he and his son were caught flying a drove over the parade.

"The officer literally said they [the NYPD] were trying to make it hard for us to rejoin the march," said one of the arrestees.

"They were cool guys. They got it. They liked to party."

The NYPD wants everyone to calm down and give them a little credit for confiscating illegal dirt bikes, jeez.

Many a New Yorker has gotten a summons over the years from the NYPD for minor infractions. But where do most of those summonses get written? There's a map for that.